Rogue Wave Server

Highly Scalable Modeling Framework

Rogue Wave Server is a highly scalable, C++ object framework that provides powerful business modeling facilities for representing the elements and topology of a supervised system as shared in-memory services. Its modeling abstractions match those offered by object-oriented design notation like UML, and bridges the gap between business model design and implementation. Objects stored in the Rogue Wave Server-based mediation server are active, meaning that all business events, such as object modifications and structural changes, are registered and buffered for forwarding to subscribing clients.

Synchronize Hundreds of C++ GUIs

Rogue Wave Server allows developers to define one or more mappings from the physical system’s object model to the graphical model. It provides ready-to-use graphical models for the Rogue Wave Views Data Access. GUI clients subscribe to a view of the system, such as a sub-part of the system or a category of events, through bidirectional connectors called Dynamic Views. The clients are notified when the system is modified, and can send modification requests to the server. The GUI can be connected using the fast communication layer for C++ provided with Rogue Wave Server.

High-performance Notification Engine

Rogue Wave Server implements sophisticated optimization to provide the high performance required by supervision applications. This allows hundreds of clients to be connected to a single server managing thousands of objects and hundreds of events per second. For supervising very large systems, like countrywide telecommunications networks with millions of monitored elements, Rogue Wave Server supports a pyramid architecture in which low-level servers receive events for part of the network and report to a higher-level server that aggregates the events for a wider part of the network.

Rapid Prototyping

System integrators often need to rapidly demonstrate a prototype of their solution for scalability or functionality tests. Rogue Wave Server provides powerful services for developing customized prototypes in record time. The business object model corresponding to the supervised system can be defined using the XMI format, enabling communication with production specification environments, including Rational Rose. In addition, Rogue Wave Server features an implementation of the well-known JavaScript language, which enables code to be added to the server without the need for C++ compilation. Rogue Wave Server Studio enables developers to rapidly create a GUI through drag-and-drop editing, and connect it directly to the business object model.

Web-enabled Supervision

Control-room managers often need to have a synthetic view of a system and see the status of the problems requiring attention. Rogue Wave Server provides a specific client, based on the Java Servlet technology, that can generate reports for the Web. By providing both Java integration and thin-client capabilities, Rogue Wave Server has proven to be ideal for creating Web-enabled supervision applications.