Rogue Wave DB Link

Portable C++ database components, for Windows, Unix and Linux

Rogue Wave DB Link provides database connectivity for Views C++ applications, offering a “develop once, port anywhere” solution. Provides C++ developers with database access code that is portable across platforms and databases. Easy to learn and apply. Saves tedious coding without sacrificing performance.

  • Lightweight library providing easy, fast and reliable access to both relational and object-relational data
  • Developers communicate with databases with the product’s application programming interface (API), which is platform and database independent.
  • Underneath the API, the product natively supports SQL statements for DB2, Oracle, Informix, MySQL, Sybase and other database systems, on a variety of operating systems.
  • Support for transaction management, data handling, and access to data dictionaries
  • Handles multiple statement executions and connections
  • Error recovery mechanism that can be tailored to specific application needs
  • Available on Windows, Unix and Linux