What's New with TotalView Code Debugger

TotalView 8.14

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CUDA 6.0
Support for CUDA version 6.0, including debugging applications that utilize the new Unified Memory feature. TotalView continues to support CUDA versions 5.5 and 5.0. Starting at CUDA 5.5 there is limited support for dynamic parallelism.

Performance and Usability Improvements
Critical performance improvements, and usability enhancements that cancel long running operations when processing delayed symbols and when creating certain types of breakpoints.

Type Transformation of Additional Datatypes
Added support for transforming the raw implementations of the unordered_map, unordered_set, unordered_multimap and unordered_multiset STL collection classes. This data is transformed into readable name/value pairs, making it much more intuitive for you to understand the data in your application.

FlexLM License Upgrade
FlexLM software has been upgraded to the latest FlexNet v11.12.1 version. This eliminates the need to work around the Flexera INCREMENT bug on most platforms. The platforms Linux-IA64, Linux Power, and AIX (RS6000) remain on FlexNet v11.11.1 either because v11.12.1 is not available or because of other, more serious bugs in the new FlexLM version. On these platforms, the workaround developed for TotalView 8.13 still applies, as described in the Release Notes.

Replay Save and Restore
A Replay session can now be stored to disk and later retrieved, at which time you can perform all of the replay functionality that was available at the time of the save. See the section “Saving the Execution History” in Chapter 1 of Reverse Debugging with ReplayEngine. This is early access functionality.

Platform Updates
PGI Compiler version 14.4, Red Hat Fedora 20, Argonne MPICH 3.1, Cray CCE 8.3.1, Intel Composer XE for Linux 2013 SP1 Update 2 (14.0.2), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6u5 x86 64-bit and 32-bit, GNU GCC 4.8.2.