TotalView®Graphical Debugger

Dynamic source code and memory debugging for C, C++ and Fortran applications on UNIX, LINUX and MAC OS X

TotalView is a GUI-based source code debugger and defect analysis tool that provides unprecedented control over processes and thread execution and visibility into program state and variables.

Debug one or many processes and/or threads in a single window with complete control over program execution. This allows you to set breakpoints, stepping line by line through the code on a single thread, or with coordinated groups of processes or threads, and run or halt arbitrary sets of processes or threads. You can reproduce and troubleshoot difficult problems that can occur in concurrent programs that take advantage of threads, OpenMP, MPI, CAF, GPUs or coprocessors.

TotalView provides analytical displays of the state of your running program for efficient debugging of memory errors and leaks and to diagnose subtle problems like deadlocks and race conditions. Whether you are a scientific and technical computing veteran, or a software professional new to the development challenges of multi-core or parallel applications, TotalView gives you the insight needed to find and correct errors quickly, validate prototypes, verify calculations and certify code. TotalView works with C, C++ and Fortran applications written for Linux (including the Cray and Blue Gene platforms), UNIX and Mac OS X platforms.  It includes sophisticated memory debugging and analysis, reverse debugging, Xeon Phi coprocessor and OpenACC / CUDA debugging capabilities.

"We rely on TotalView for all of our parallel debugging needs. Its scalability, multi-language support, and built-in debugger make it an indispensable tool for us." David Gunter, Parallel Tools Team, Los Alamos National Laboratory
"One of our simulations was about 1.5 million lines of code... The ability to port the code, and to watch and test on two different platforms side-by-side in real-time using TotalView cut development time by 60-70%; we wouldn't have been able to achieve this if we had to use more than one debugging tool. It also save us about 40% in costs because we didn't have to purchase other tools." Jim Knoblach, Modeling and Simulation Department Manager, CAS, Inc.
"We have been using TotalView for a very long time... We are developing highly complex code using gigantic computing power. To ensure our scientists' success, we need to provide them with the most comprehensive optimization tools available so they can write their programs efficiently and effectively. The TotalView debugger meets all our requirements for simplicity and scalability and our developers find it indispensable in developing and debugging their programs." Jacques Noé, Operational Manager, Developing Tools, CEA/DAM
"TotalView has proven to be a valuable tool for debugging our data-intensive reservoir modeling and simulation software. It helps us find bugs fast, so we can get our products to market sooner." Birgir Sigurjonsson, Principal Software Engineer, Roxar AS, Stavanger, Norway
"TotalView provides greater functionality and insight into our applications, such as, better support for scripting, advanced memory debugging, and improved thread management. In particular, we find that being able to debug backwards from the point of failure is critical because it allows us to quickly identify errors. Having cut our overall software development life cycle in half, TotalView had a very short payback period." Andrew Scheurer, Software Architect
for the Aerodynamic Defense Industry, UAV MarketSpace Inc.
"Using Total View, we have been able to quickly add complex features like multithreading; that would have been difficult without such a tool. We noticed a dramatic drop in our development cycle. What used to take us more than two weeks to develop and fully test, now takes less than one week." Kirill Minkovich, Ph.D., Research Staff Member, HRL

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