Open source solutions for the enterprise

We help enterprises successfully and securely use open source software by providing commercial-grade technical support for hundreds of open source packages, a web-based platform for open source governance, open source scanning solutions, and a library of certified open source software with proactive security notifications. But managing open source doesn't stop there, so we provide a broad range of services to complement your OSS efforts. 

Application Audit

Understand the license obligations that come with the open source software that your organization uses. Our Application Audit service analyzes internally-developed software for open source packages and identifies the bill of materials (BOM) and bill of licenses for open source components. After comprehensive code scanning, we aggregate the results to create comprehensive reports that help you make informed decisions about distribution.

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Application Certification

An extension of the Application Audit service, Application Certification takes auditing one step further by providing certification that an application has been scanned for open source software and licenses, and that all open source license obligations have been met.

For companies that distribute software – or products containing software – and need to assure license compliance. Application Certification does just that - it verifies OSS license compliance. With this certification, you avoid customer objections and potential litigation.

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License Obligation Analysis

Open source software provides significant technical and cost benefits. However, just as with commercial software, open source software comes with licenses and the associated obligations. Non-compliance can result in legal action, monetary damages, negative publicity, and compromised intellectual property.

Our License Obligation Analysis service uncovers the license information you need to understand open source license obligations and to reduce potential risks. We identify the licenses, obligations, and requirements associated with open source packages your organization uses. With this service, we provide comprehensive reports that give legal and compliance staff the information they need to make informed decisions about open source deployments and distribution.

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M&A Open Source Audit

Mergers and acquisition activity requires thorough due diligence, espcially when it comes to software use and license obligations. We conduct the technical due diligence on software and technology assets to identify any open source. Buyers, venture capitalists, legal and compliance teams, and other interested parties use M&A Open Source Audits to ensure that products are correctly licensed and free of intellectual property conflicts. Sellers can use the M&A Open Source Audit service to ensure mergers and acquisitions move forward smoothly and without asset devaluation.

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Cloud Services

Need expert support in the cloud? We offer pre-configured stacks on the AWS Marketplace, Certified CentOS images, and, as always, trusted OSS support.

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Professional Services

The OpenLogic professional services team offers best-practice advice and hands-on assistance with a wide range of technical and business process issues related to the use of open source in the enterprise. Consulting packages are available with varying levels of hands-on guidance and technical depth to address different needs and levels of complexity.

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