Programming Tools and Libraries


Rogue Wave tools and components make it easier to write, test, and deploy complex code. Rogue Wave's products enable developers to harness the power of multiple languages, platforms, and architectures to deliver high-performing applications — faster.

Code building blocks  
SourcePro® Enterprise C++ components that create portable code across operating systems, database and communication protocols.
IMSL® Numerical Libraries Embeddable mathematical and statistical algorithms for highly complex problem-solving and predictive analytic applications. 
Stingray® Reusable and embeddable GUI components that simplify the development of applications with complex GUI requirements. 
Visualization Highly interactive, highly graphical displays for cross-platform development. Application-ready charts, graphs and maps. 
Debugging complex code  
TotalView® A highly scalable debugger for troubleshooting a wide variety of applications, including: serial, parallel, multithreaded, multiprocess, and remote applications. TotalView includes advanced memory debugging, reverse debugging, CUDA and Xeon Phi debugging.
Klocwork Source code analysis tool to identify bugs and security risks before builds.  
Reusable math algorithms  
IMSL® Numerical Libraries

Highly-tuned math and statistical formulas that can be embedded into C/C++, .NET and Fortran applications.  

Code migration  

C++ components to insulate your applications from operating system, compiler, and database changes. 

IMSL® Numerical Libraries Embeddable mathematical and statistical algorithms across languages and platforms. 

Web services toolkit to easily deploy applications built in C++ for connectivity, and to expose them in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Developing user interfaces  
Visualization for C++

Enterprise C++ graphical user interface components delivering information and interactivity — enabling users to better model, monitor, and analyze their information. 


Ready library of reusable GUI components to speed up graphical application development. 

PV-WAVE® Sophisticated programming language and set of tools for data analysis and vizualization. Designed to rapidly build prototypes and production-ready applications.