PyIMSL™ Studio Key Features

>> Comprehensive Set of Prototyping Tools
>> Extensive Mathematics and Statistics Algorithms
>> Comprehensive Documentation
>> Technical Support

Comprehensive Set of Prototyping Tools

The following fully tested, documented and supported tools are incorporated into PyIMSL Studio as part of a standard installation:

  • IMSL C Numerical Library – the key element of PyIMSL Studio that provides model builders and application developers the breadth, depth, reliability and performance necessary for high quality complex analytical models. A primary consideration for the use of the IMSL Library as the foundation for PyIMSL Studio analytics is the library’s breadth of platform support, “embedability” into new or existing product systems as a library, as well as their robustness in math and statistics. The IMSL Library algorithms are carefully written for performance and accuracy, and tuned and tested for hundreds of unique platforms. The Supported Computing Platforms document contains a complete list of available environments.
  • PyIMSL Wrappers – Easy-to-use Python interfaces to the complete mathematical and statistical algorithms in IMSL C Numerical Library. The PyIMSL wrappers are available as part of PyIMSL Studio or as a separate download. To request the separate download, please contact us at
  • Data utilities – convenience functions to assist with data import and data transformation
    • A powerful ASCII data file reading utility available in Python and in production C code*.
    • A missing value identification and substitution utility available in Python and in production C code.
  • Open source components – a rich set of tools for prototype development.  These open source tools are the glue that pulls all the components together into the product and have been incorporated into PyIMSL Studio as part of a standard installation:
    • NumPy—A set of modules for powerful and efficient data array manipulation. The de-facto standard for array and matrix algebra in Python.
    • PyODBC—A Python module for database access.
    • xlrd—A Python module for reading data from Microsoft Excel files.
    • matplotlib/pylab—Python analytical charting components.
    • IPython—A powerful command line interface for interactive development and exploration in Python.
    • Eclipse/Pydev—A full featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Python.
    • Tkinter/WxPython – Two popular toolkits for creating Python user interfaces

Learn more about these tools in the white paper: “Components for Analytic Prototyping and Production Deployment

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Extensive Mathematics and Statistics Algorithms for Analytic Application Development

While some collections of open source analytics are available for Python, none offer the depth and breadth of the IMSL Libraries. The IMSL Libraries provide mathematical and statistical algorithms that are carefully written for performance and accuracy and are tuned and tested for many unique platforms.

PyIMSL Studio delivers these algorithms in easy-to-use formats for prototyping and production development in the form of the PyIMSL wrappers and the IMSL C Library respectively.

To learn more about all the analytic functions available with PyIMSL Studio, download the documentation for the PyIMSL wrappers or download the IMSL C Library Function Catalog.

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Comprehensive Documentation

A challenge when dealing with many excellent open source tools is often a lack of documentation. PyIMSL Studio gives modelers and developers guidance on using the prototyping environment for developing analytic applications, including details on: 

  • Python prototyping tools
  • PyIMSL and IMSL C Library algorithms
  • How to create programs that are easier to port from Python to C

Included in the documentation are excellent tutorials and examples of how to use Python tools, PyIMSL and the IMSL C Library. Download examples from the PyIMSL Studio Knowledge Base area of our website.

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Technical Support

All PyIMSL Studio components, including open source Python tools are backed by Rogue Wave Technical Support. Help is available for any component via:

Customers with an active support subscription will also receive regular product updates, including new and updated mathematical and statistical algorithms for the PyIMSL wrappers and IMSL C Library.

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