Development tools, components, and libraries

Rogue Wave delivers capabilities that help your team produce better code by simplifying all aspects of the development life cycle and reducing overall release times. Our products support multiple languages, platforms, and architectures to help you deliver software faster, easier, and with less risk.


CodeDynamics looks at your complex C and C++ applications at execution time to help you identify and correct bugs, memory issues, and crashes.

TotalView for HPC

Prevent execution, memory, and data issues by using this highly-scalable, graphical debugger built specifically for troubleshooting massively parallel, multi-threaded, multi-process applications for high performance computing (HPC) environments.


Detect security, safety, and reliability issues in real-time by using this static code analysis toolkit that works alongside developers, finding issues as early as possible, and integrates with teams, supporting continuous integration and actionable reporting.


Know, inventory, use, and resolve all aspects of open source software within your organization with this enterprise-class set of management, scanning, and support tools designed to simplify development and minimize risk.

IMSL Numerical Libraries

Deliver sophisticated analysis solutions by embedding these proven, reliable, and scalable mathematics, data mining, forecasting, and statistics algorithms into your applications.


Simplify the display and analysis of complex business information by using these cross-platform C++, Java, and Adobe and Apache Flex tools to create interactive, highly-graphical user interfaces, maps, graphs, schematics, and much more.


Protect access to legacy systems by using this secure terminal emulation toolkit that supports over 30 different protocols, multiple concurrent sessions, and modernization of existing terminal-based applications through its AutoGUI feature.


Move your business logic easily from platform to platform by using this web services toolkit to create service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications with minimal effort.


Simplify the visualization of complex datasets by using this robust visual data analysis (VDA) toolkit to rapidly import, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data.


Create the apps you want without spending time on the basics by using these enterprise-class, cross-platform C++ tools to build portable infrastructure code that you write once, and deploy to any platform.


Simplify Windows user interface development by embedding these advanced controls and components to improve the look and feel of your application.