Rogue Wave Services

Rogue Wave is the leader in cross-platform development tools, embeddable components, libraries for high performance applications, PHP, open source in the enterprise and static code analysis solutions. We offer a full range of services that not only enable you to get the most out of our products, but also help to manage, plan, architect and protect your software development.

Open source audits

The adoption of open source software has helped every team deliver value faster but the variety, volume, and risks have also grown, leading organizations to look inward to meet legal and compliance obligations and eliminate security risks. Learn how Rogue Wave services can help.

Migration and modernization services

Whether you are looking for help migrating RHEL/Linux to CentOS, need to ensure that your applications are running on the most secure and best-performing platforms, or need to transform legacy code to address modern requirements, Rogue Wave has experts on hand that can help. Learn more about our migration and modernization services.

Continuous delivery and DevOps automation

Companies are investing in DevOps automation practices to deliver robust applications. Rogue Wave services can help you implement continuous delivery automation, provide a continuous delivery assessments. Learn more.

Static code analysis

Get the most from your static code analysis (SCA) efforts. Create a powerful combination of advanced technology and services to maximize your commitment to great, secure code. Our static code analysis services help find the right checkers for your organization, your projects and your teams, ensure reports tell you what you need to know, and get everyone on the same page. Learn more.

Training programs

Receive training on PHP, Zend Framework, and open source technologies from the basics through cutting-edge topics. Each interactive course offers real-life examples to provide a robust and hands-on training experience allowing you to sharpen your skills and add new development practices. Learn more about Rogue Wave software training services.

Architecture consulting audits

Our architects ensure that your application follows established best practices of software design through a comprehensive evaluation of application code and workflows, focusing on scalability, supportability, and cloud readiness. Rogue Wave architects are experts in their fields, with many years of experience solving functional, performance, and security problems for enterprises. Learn more about our architecture consulting services.

Application security

Rogue Wave application security audits follow a comprehensive methodology developed over years of experience in analyzing web, PHP, Java, and C/C++ environments with a focus on identifying vulnerabilities in application’s custom code. Learn how you can how minimize your security risk with Rogue Wave security audits.

Performance optimization services

Our consultants work with your developers and IT staff on evaluating the web transactions and overall behavior of your PHP, Java, and open source applications. The outcome is a comprehensive report that includes the analysis results, main application performance and scalability bottlenecks, and uncovers any architecture challenges. Learn more about Rogue Wave performance optimization services.