Rogue Wave is the leader in cross-platform development tools, embeddable components, libraries for high performance applications, open source in the enterprise and static code analysis solutions. We offer a full range of services that not only enable you to get the most out of our products, but also help to manage, plan, architect and protect your software development.

High performance applications

Rogue Wave’s Consulting Services team combines technical expertise, decades of hands-on experience and a portfolio of leading-edge tools to satisfy the most complex challenges in high performance application development and data analysis.

As a time-tested vendor of cross-platform, multi-language development tools, our technical team has developed the experience across a wide range of customer scenarios. Our ability to understand client business problems and provide optimal solutions is unsurpassed.

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Open source software

Our expert professional services team provides best-practice advice and hands-on assistance for using open source in the enterprise. Consulting packages are available with varying levels of hands-on guidance and technical depth to address different needs and any level of complexity.

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Static code analysis

Get the most from Klocwork static code analysis. Create a powerful combination of advanced technology and services to maximize your commitment to great, secure code. We help find the right checkers for your organization, your projects and your teams, ensure reports tell you what you need to know, and get everyone on the same page. We're committed to your success.

Our experts are here to guide deployment, provide hands-on training for your team, or assist with custom integrations.

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