Create high performance C++ SOA applications

HydraExpress™ provides a framework for developing and hosting high performance C++ web services, including advanced XML, SOAP, and WSDL. HydraExpress provides productivity tools for transforming new and existing C++ applications for use in service oriented architectures (SOA).

HydraExpress leverages crucial business logic locked within existing applications. HydraExpress enables you to create SOA applications that are flexible and interoperable - yet maintain the reliability and performance advantages of your core business logic.

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HydraExpress Visualization

Message formats in HydraExpress are based on the simple object access protocol (SOAP), a widely accepted, easy-to-use mechanism for transferring messages over a network.

HydraExpress developers simply supply a standard web services description language (WSDL) file and HydraExpress automatically generates a skeleton service that handles the details of protocols, standards, and networking to ensure interoperability. Developers then drop in new or existing C++ business logic to create a ready-to-deploy service that can be used in many types of SOA applications.

With HydraExpress, developers can incorporate new standards or integration requirements without disrupting the rest of the application, as the business logic is completely isolated from the service infrastructure. This functionality enables developers to regenerate the skeleton service without changing the custom business logic.

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