Rogue Wave at SAAHPC 2012

Surviving in an Accelerated World: How TotalView Erases Differences in Debugging Multiple Platforms.

During the last couple of years the road to exascale underwent a major transformation. If previously the way to increase performance was to scale and optimize existing homogeneous architectures, now it looks like there is no clear path that will satisfy everyone. Starting with IBM Cell-based RoadRunner machine, the heterogeneous solution appears, promising to deliver ever-increasing compute power at fraction of the energy cost of old machines. The introduction and subsequent exponential  growth of GP-GPU-based platforms signals a new era of accelerated-based computer systems.  The latest addition to the mix worth mentioning is MIC, Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture from Intel.  Faced with so many different choices, high performance scientific and commercial programmers are looking for new tools and techniques to effectively debug and optimize their programs.  This talk will demonstrate how the TotalView debugger makes inspection and debugging of program execution flow transparent and easy. It will also cover how the use of advanced debugging techniques can help increase the scientific and commercial productivity of programmers as well as the quality and efficiency of HPC applications.

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